Utpal Dholakia is a professor of marketing and holds the George R. Brown Chair of Marketing at Rice University in Houston, Texas. He teaches marketing and pricing strategies to MBA students, and conducts research on consumer behavior & welfare, digital marketing, and marketing strategy issues.

His research has been published in the top marketing and management journals and has been cited extensively. He has consulted and provided expert witness services to many financial services, technology, healthcare, and energy companies.

Utpal’s popular blog on Psychology Today is called The Science Behind Behavior. 

Utpal’s New Book is Available Now

Priced to Influence introduces the latest thinking about Psychological Pricing, the science of designing effective pricing strategies using behavioral economics principles. You will learn how customers search for, evaluate, share, and use prices in their buying decisions, how they participate in setting prices, and what managers can do to understand and influence these processes. Psychological pricing actions are levered. Many of them require relatively small investments and produce disproportionately large returns to the business.

How to Price Effectively introduces the value pricing framework, a structured, versatile, and comprehensive method for making good pricing decisions and executing them. The framework weaves together the latest thinking from academic research journals and proven best practices from the leading pricing experts. The book discusses what a good pricing decision is, which factors you should consider when making one, the role played by each factor―costs, customer value, reference prices, and the value proposition― and how they work together, the importance of price execution, and how to evaluate the success of pricing decisions.

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